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Girls Shift Africa/Youth Shift Africa


Hi Everyone. See below the Utube Video that was created in collaboration with YOUTH SHIFT AFRICA…. whilst I was in Kenya with the Girls Shift Africa. I had the privilidge to be a part of this amazing project… As the first two verses are in Swahili this is the English Lyrics below:- AMAZING STUFF…..

The Lyrics: Double O’s English lyrics: Voice of the heart is your truth So, bro, please wake up Courageously go follow it When your beauty is from the inside Then your physical body ain’t anything Purify your emotions From darkest layers of it Walk your talk And most importantly, learn more about you Who you really are And what’s your purpose Good intentions will never show up If you’re not in peace at heart Let go of your egos In forgiveness and even in tears Lead your body through your soul Your world is never changing If you’re not consciously awake In this life better live, love And true smiles on your face These are soul answers You will get them when you meet righteousness Waking you from sleep Openly fulfill your dreams Accept yourself the way you are Others may intimidate you But we are all human No one is perfect Wake up now Cleanse your soul Transform the universe consciously Wake up to the truth of your heart.

G-Flani’s English lyrics: The times are here They’ve arrived, Afrika Come closer to the speakers We talk about the future Am approaching you like a friend in times of need A true friend in deed don’t lie to you So listen attentively, this change is a must Although temptations are many Blessings are much bigger Shifting–it’s called spiritual uplifting YOUth Shift Africa–outreaching The sky is the limit Open up your thinking It’s time for the change This time ’round, join the shifting .


I just want to acknowledge and say a huge thank you to all the people who have donated to the Girls Shift Africa campaign…

Thankyou Leonie, Clive and Teeny, Abby, Lenny & Di, Soul to Sole Dance, Julia, Patricia, Wendy, Jean, Brian and Di,  Marie, Kelly, Rachael, Jessica, Josie, Katrina, Jan, Ron, Gail, Ruth, Andrew, Kevin, Bec, Maureen, Peter, Melody Joy, Melinda, Rosalind, Marie 2, Natasha, Mary, Trish, Sally, Rhonda, Pam, Andrew 2, Suzanne, Tania, Andrew 3, Heather, Catherine, Svjetlana, The Honeytrap, Kerry, Petta, Susan, Christine, Susan, Kim, Alexander, Diane, Margrit, Julie, Cherie, Jillian, Premananda, Cheryl, Souzi, Courtney, Heidi, Elizabeth, Gawler Book Shop, and some others who wished to remain anonymous.

A huge THANKYOU AND its not too late… You can still donate if you want to…. Girls Shift Africa, as little as $10 will help… if you feel called please check out the BLOG…and use the Donate button to the right.

Thanks heaps, Deb

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